For many of us, Mom was a role model for healthy habits. Whether she was encouraging you to eat your greens or driving you from soccer practice to class, she probably wanted you to eat well and move often to stay happy and healthy, always. 

Now that you’re all grown up (and is fast approaching!), we figured there was no better way to say thank you to Mom than sweating it out with her. Because who’s a better workout buddy than mama? 

We asked our favorite mother-daughter duo, Denise and , to lead us in a partner-friendly workout that can be done anywhere.

Longtime fitness instructor Denise has been motivating women for more than 30 years, and her daughter Katie has followed in her footsteps, racking up more than 94,000 Instagram followers with her motivational feed. No biggie. 


In the video above, Denise and Katie will take you through a hardcore 10-minute workout that’s perfect for mothers and daughters to do together. From tricep-toning arm extensions to side lunges that target the booty and outer , the routine will help to firm your frame from top to bottom. 

Follow along as Denise and Katie do bicycle crunches and reverse planks; then show you how to do that require you and your mother to use each other for support as you complete each move. Too cute.  

If you ask us, this quickie routine that tones your arms, abs, butt, and legs is also the perfect opportunity to spend some QT with Mom. And then you can treat yourself to a . Oh, and once you finish the workout, please promptly proclaim: “I got it from my mama.” Just because. 



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